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Chantal Hélène Ravel

Visiting Lecturer

Bilingual from birth and trilingual before the age of 10, I was always interested in languages and the learning processes of new languages. While studying in the faculty of Humanities at the University of Toulouse I discovered linguistics; a discipline I became truly passionate with and extended my studies to language didactics and cognitive sciences, completing a degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language. My career as a French teacher allowed me to work in contact with diverse groups of people, in multiple countries, and a variety of teaching institutions. 

My vision for teaching relies on a climate of trust in the classroom, with a focus on effective communication. I view the teacher’s role as being outside the focal point of the class, and instead see my role as a guide, a learning facilitator. My objectives are to help students develop into autonomous learners, capable of developing individual strategies so their learning is efficient, making them into independent and motivated French speakers.    


“Le véritable enseignement n’est point de te parler mais de te conduire.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry




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