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The 2004 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry Prof. Aaron Ciechanover Brought an Online Lecture to GTIIT Students


"Do what you love, keep your aspiration, and contribute to your country when you succeed!"

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, the 2004 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry brought a unique online lecture to GTIIT students On December 23. He shared his research experience with the students and encouraged them to study hard to explore their favorite research fields.


Prof. Aaron Ciechanover was the first Vice Chancellor of GTIIT, and he is the Special Envoy of the Technion President to GTIIT at present. "I used to major in medical program. However, when I started to examine patients, serious doubts had begun to arise whether I made the right choice and truly want to become a practicing physician. I started to realize how little we know. Finally, I decided to engage in scientific research, pursue further education and contribute to my country after I finished my study." Prof. Aaron Ciechanover shared his original intention of doing research. He hoped that students would never be afraid to change. "Experience different cultures and academic environments, and then return to your country with the knowledge and perspective you have gained. China is developing greatly."


Prof. Aaron Ciechanover introduced his research and application to the students, and shared with them the difficulties of winning the Nobel Prize. "Almost all the scientists in the field were working on protein synthesis, and we were the only ones working on proteolysis. We were ignored by academic centers and even refused to publish our papers in core journals." Prof. Aaron Ciechanover hoped that students would stay away from academic trends, create their own academic centers, and use their professional abilities to play their own roles. "Israel is a small country, Haifa is a small city, and GTIIT is a small university at the moment, but you can make a change."


In the Q&A session, students participated actively and asked Prof. Aaron Ciechanover for advice on "How to overcome the difficulties encountered in research?", "What qualities do we need to be a scientist?", "How do I choose my future career?", etc.


"I am curious about what good qualities Prof. Aaron Ciechanover would value on a student and make him willing to accept someone as his student. And his answer inspires me a lot." Said Zou Yunfan, a junior student from Biotechnology and Food Engineering Program. "I will put them into a group and watch them work with each other. I don't want to recruit someone who is unwilling to cooperate with people. The social skills are important as well." Prof. Aaron Ciechanover said.


Prof. Aaron Ciechanover concerned about GTIIT students. "In addition to abundant knowledge and persistence, A good academic environment is also an indispensable condition for success." Prof. Aaron Ciechanover hoped that students could cherish the learning conditions and seize the opportunity to improve their professional abilities in the four years at GTIIT.


"Prof. Aaron Ciechanover’s lecture attracted me, a layman who majored in Mathematics and Computer Science in a vivid way, and I was fortunate to feel the charm of biology. Moreover, he made me understand that the more we learn the more independent we will be. And the ability of thinking independently is exactly what Prof. Aaron Ciechanover expects us to achieve." Said Yang Cheng, a freshman of Mathematics and Computer Science Program in GTIIT.


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