The 13th Asian Science Camp starts at GTIIT


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The opening ceremony of the 13th Asian Science Camp was held at GTIIT auditorium this morning. Around 300 campers and team leaders from 28 Asian countries and regions, and Australia and New Zealand gathered together from July 28 to August 3. The ASC 2019 provides a platform for mutual understanding, mutual learning and mutual exchange among young scientific talents with outstanding performance in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology with the theme of "Science Youth Future".

It is the first time that ASC is held in mainland China since it was launched in 2007. Two Chinese Nobel laureates, Prof. Yang Chen-Ning and Prof. Tu Youyou, delivered inspiring speeches to express their sincere welcome and wishes to campers through video and audio.

World-class scientists who have made exceptional contributions to natural science also attended the opening ceremony. They are Prof. Aaron Ciechanover (Israel), the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry (2004) and foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Prof. Jean-Fran?ois Le Gall (France), the Wolf Prize winner in mathematics (2019) and director of the Probability and Statistic team at University Paris-Sud.; Prof. Thomas Chang (Canada), the inventor of artificial cells, member of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and emeritus professor of McGill University; Prof. Vivian Wing-Wah Yam (Chinese Hong Kong), the L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science (2011) laureate and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Prof. Liao Fulong (China), the member of Academic Board, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and deputy director of Artemisinin Research Center; Prof. Wang Quan (Canada), the member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Prof. Guan Yi (China), the director of the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of Hong Kong; Prof. Zhang Shuguang (USA), member of The New York Academy of Sciences; Prof. Sun Xian-He (USA), the member of the Overseas Expert Advisory Committee and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and Prof. Liang Xiaoyan (China), the Secondary research fellow of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics and deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Strong Field Laser Physics.

Dr. Liu Limin, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of ASC 2019, Chairman of the Council and President of CEAIE; Prof. Lin Ming-Juey, Chairman of International Committee of Asian Science Camp; Dr. Wang Ruijun, Director-General of Guangdong Science and Technology Department, Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Science and Technology Association; Mr. Zheng Jian'ge, Mayor of Shantou; Prof. Jiang Hong, Party Secretary and President of Shantou University delivered remarks respectively. Mr. Li Biliang, Deputy Director General of Guangdong Education Department; Prof. Lin Danming, Pro-Vice Chancellor of GTIIT and Mr. Liu Wenhua, Vice President of STU also attended the ceremony.


Dr. Liu Limin, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of ASC 2019, Chairman of the Council and President of CEAIE

"It is the first time for Mainland China to host the ASC. After one year's preparation and with the strong support from various parties, the camp officially opens today," Liu Liming said. He believed that the campers will start a new journey, stand on a new height this summer. As an elder, he also shared about how to create the future. To dream big, to stay confident, to explore new knowledge, to learn to cooperate and share, and to make persevering efforts.

"Shantou University and Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology are good representatives of universities established in response to the Reform and Opening-Up Policy and the Education Opening-Up in the new era. With distinctive international characteristics, they stand at the forefront of the Higher Education Reform, adhering to the aims to provide students with different learning experience and to provide society with a different feeling of being touched. I believe the camp held here will surely give you a different memory. Hopefully, this camp will help you future scientists understand what dreams, self-confidence, exploration, cooperation and perseverance are."


Prof. Lin Ming-Juey, Chairman of International Committee of Asian Science Camp

Lin Ming-Juey pointed out that the science camp is targeted at the students from the last-year grader in senior high school to the sophomore in university, with their ages between 16 and 21. "These students are at the most important crossroads in their lives. Through the science camp, they are given chances to stand on the shoulders of the science giants so that they can stand higher, see farther, and think deeper."  He encouraged the campers to exert themselves to ask questions and brainstorm themselves to see if they can create new ideas. "Asking and finding questions, along with thinking and solving them, is the best pathway leading to new discoveries in science."


Dr. Wang Ruijun, Director-General of Guangdong Science and Technology Department, Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Science and Technology Association

Wang Ruijun mentioned that both for now and for the future, to foster the young people's spirit of science through developing their scientific literacy is of great significance and of pressing necessity. He expressed that the Asian Science Camp is a high-level academic platform that will nurture innovative talents for the future and promote international scientific and technological collaborations. All the guests invited to give lectures in the coming days are world-renown masters. "It is my hope that you will enlighten these talented students with your science wisdom, and help them grow to be excellent science people who will bring vigor and vitality to the world of science and technology."


Mr. Zheng Jian'ge, Mayor of Shantou

Zheng Jian'ge briefly introduced the development of Shantou. He expressed that Shantou has a long tradition of respecting culture and education, and always take education as its priority work. "I believe ASC will not only improve science literacy and innovation ability of young students in Asian countries, and strengthen their friendship, but also has positive influence on the science education of youth and development of science and technology in Shantou."


Prof. Jiang Hong, Party Secretary and President of Shantou University

"We are honored that Shantou University (STU) is one of the co-organizers of this event. We will treasure this exceptional opportunity and do our utmost to fulfill our duties," Jiang Hong said. She believed that co-organizing this event will greatly benefit STU. "We will be better linked to the global resources of technological innovation, and will probably be engaged in a wider range of international research collaborations. We can attract more excellent and promising young people who may one day become STU students. We shall also be able to make new breakthroughs in various aspects, including conducting innovative research, nurturing quality talents and serving the local community."


Liu Liming present certificates of appreciation to outstanding scientists.

The opening ceremony of the 13th ASC drew to a successful conclusion.

Text/Photos: ASC 2019 Media group 

Text edited by GTIIT News and Public Affairs

Photos edited by STU News Center

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