Tzvika Harpaz: Nobody can help you except yourself
Dr. Tzvika Harpaz has been researching climate change with his Israeli peers before joining GTIIT last year. For the last 11 years, he was mainly responsible for the programming work in his team, using Matlab and Python, which are programming languages used by millions of engineers and scientists around the world. He is currently working as a tutor in the course "Introduction to Computing with Matlab".Could you briefly describe your academic career?Compared to other researchers, my aca......
2019/ 1 / 17
GTIIT Fun Class drew to a successful conclusion
On Saturday afternoons, maybe you will choose to read some prose in the quiet library and let the page slip through the fingertips, ignoring the time; or sit with your friends to talk about dreams and life with a cup of coffee. GTIIT First Year students are starting to be teachers in the Fun Class! GTIIT Fun Class is a seven-week teaching practice project jointly organised by GTIIT and Dongxia Middle School. 14 students were chosen to be classroom teachers after rounds of selection process condu...
2019/ 1 / 16
GTIIT and STU Delegation visited Hong Kong Chiu Chou Chamber of Commerce, Federation of HK Chiu Chou Community Organizations, and Hong Kong Association of Women Accountants.
On January 6th to 8th, a delegation led by GTIIT Pro Vice Chancellor Lin Danming visited Hong Kong Chiu Chou Chamber of Commerce, Federation of HK Chiu Chou Community Organizations, and HK Association of Women Accountants.At Hong Kong Chiu Chou Chamber of Commerce, President Lin Sun Leung, Vice President Chan Zin Men and the directors expressed their sincere welcome to the GTIIT and STU delegation. Mr.Lin Sun Leungstated in his speech that in 2018, the HK Chiu Chou Chamber of Commerce successful...
2019/ 1 / 14
Guangdong Laboratory of Chemistry and Fine Chemical Engineering was successfully inaugurated
Guangdong Laboratory of Chemistry and Fine Chemical Engineering was inaugurated in Shantou yesterday.Experts from domestic universities and research institutes in chemistry and chemical engineering as well as officials from relevant provincial departments and East Guangdong attended the ceremony, including Yao Jiannian, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS); Zhi Zhiming, the Academician of CAS; Gao Song , the Academician of CAS; Zhou Fengjun, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engin......
2019/ 1 / 11
Bringing the Israeli Spirit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the GTIIT classroom
The opportunity for today's scientists and engineers to launch their own technologically-focused businesses has never been greater. There is nothing quite like taking an innovative idea, and carrying it through all the stages of commercialization; yet with all this opportunity, most engineers are never exposed to the underlying principles associated with creating a successful business venture.Since the first entrepreneurship course at Harvard Business School was delivered in 1947, entreprene...
2019/ 1 / 8




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