Work together! Fight against the epidemic!----Wishes from Technion
The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia continues to affect China and is highly concerned by the international community.Foreign students from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology encourage China to fight against the epidemic through the video.Liu xiaojing, one of the producers of this video and a PhD. student from the Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology, is studying in Israel now. According to her, the original idea of the video shooting was to do something for China fr...
2020/ 2 / 20
Anti epidemic battle---- A letter from GTIIT to parents
Dear parents,The unexpected outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia is influencing the whole country. First of all, we would like to extend our sincere greetings and wish you all the best at this special time.On February 7th,the Education Department of GuangdongProvince issued a notificationthat in order to prevent and contain the epidemic, and ensure the safety and health of faculty, staff and students, schools and colleges of all types and all grades in Gunangdong province must not open before...
2020/ 2 / 9
GTIIT provides mental support for epidemic-affected students
The latest development of theNovel Coronavirusis of great concern.GTIIT 2020 Spring Semester has been postponed due to theepidemic.To ensure our students' mental health,the universityStudent Affairs Department Mental Health Service Center has provided online sessions for all of them especially those in Hubei province since Feb 1st.Dear students, the emotional response to the catastrophe, which at first is panic and later becomes depressed and nervious, is a normal reaction.Usually, one can g......
2020/ 2 / 7
GTIIT carries out all-round cleaning and disinfection in campus
In viewing of the present situation of the spread of the novel coronavirus, GTIIT has developed plan immediately to better prevent and control the pneumonia, and established a team to carry out all-round cleaning and disinfection.Although the campus is temporarily closed during the Spring Festival, various actions, both online and offline, have been taken to prevent and control the spread of the 2019-nCoV. GTIIT has strengthened campus security, collected protective supplies, and provided hygien......
2020/ 2 / 2
Updated Notice of the Postponement of Returning to School
Dear students,Because the situation of the coronavirus outbreak is still severe, according to the latest announcement of Guangdong Government, the University will stay closed at least until February 24, 2020.The exact date of the start of spring semester will be announced later. Please stay tuned in to receive the messages from the University.Take care and be well,Undergraduate Studies, GTIITJan. 29, 2020...
2020/ 1 / 29




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