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Q. Who can apply for a faculty position in GTIIT?

A. We are currently recruiting faculty with PhD degrees and experience in conducting research.

Q. I am a PhD candidate and will receive my PhD degree soon. Can I apply for a faculty position at GTIIT?

A. You may want to apply for a postdoctoral position at Technion in Israel, as unfortunately we cannot consider your application for a faculty position at Guangdong Technion. Once you find a postdoc at Technion and successfully complete it, you can apply for a faculty position at Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology, and your application will be discussed by our Search Committee.

Concerning the application process for the postdoctoral position:

The first stage of applying for a postdoctoral position is to find an academic advisor that will host you here. Therefore, we suggest you browse through the web-site of the Technion, and see if you can find a faculty member you would like to work with:

Once you have an academic advisor here, you shall send me your CV and 3 letters of recommendation, and then we will start your application process for the postdoc position.

Q. I wish to apply for a role at GTIIT. What do I need to do?

A. Details of how to apply and the recruitment process are available as part of our website ( However, if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Q. Can you tell me if you have received my application?

A. Once we receive your application we will send you an email to confirm.

Q. What should I include on the application?

A. Your application should include a short cover letter, your CV (in Technion template – link to PDF template), a research proposal (5-10 pages of goals, methodology, materials, needed equipment etc.) and your teaching statement (courses that you can/want to teach for the specific discipline you are applying for).

Q. What positions are available?

A. Currently we are recruiting faculty members for the College of Engineering in the fields of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. For the College of Science, we are recruiting in the fields of Chemistry, Mathematics Physics and Biology.

Regular academic positions are offered at the following levels: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor.

Q. How long does the hiring process take?

A. After an initial procedure, it takes 4-6 months to collect relevant material and committee approvals.

Q. What happens after I submit my application materials?

A. Application materials are sent to the relevant head of program and reviewed by the search committee. If you are selected to continue with the application process, you will be contacted by the program head.

Q. Will I be updated about my status?

A. You will be updated whenever a decision is made in each stage of the process. You will be contacted both if you have been selected for the next stage or not.

Q. I came for a campus interview and seminar for a position but have not heard back. How will I know if I was selected?

A. Candidates will be contacted once a decision has been made. You can contact us with any question regarding your status.

Q. How do I know if I am a final candidate?

A. Final candidates will be contacted by the dean and notified of their status.

Visiting the Technion

Q. How do I know I was selected for an interview?

A. If the search committee has decided to continue with your application, the head of program will contact you and invite you for an interview and to give a seminar.

Q. How long is the visit to the Technion?

A. The visit is usually 2-3 days.

Q. What will the visit to the Technion include?

A. The visit will include meetings with relevant faculty members and GTIIT management and a seminar you will give.

Q. Who will I be interviewed by?

A. During your visit to the Technion you will be interviewed by faculty members and GTIIT management.

Q. Should the seminar be given like the common ones performed in scientific conference, or like a lecture with special topic for students?

A. The audience consists of faculty members, GTIIT management and graduate students. The seminar should be at the level of a presentation in a conference, but with a reasonable introduction since not all participants are in your specific field.

Q. How long should the seminar be?

A. The seminar should be 1 hr. Plan for a 45-50 min presentation and this will provide ample time for Q&A.

Preferred Structure: ~35 min review your past/current research – focus on 2-3 subjects and go more deeply into one or two (to illustrate your scientific methodologies, models, and theoretical and/or experimental  achievements).

~10 min about your future plans.

Q. Should I prepare any abstract for the seminar?

A. Yes, please send an abstract of your seminar and an updated CV before the visit.

Q. Who will pay for the visit?

A. Your flight ticket (economy), accommodation and per diem will be paid by the Technion (you will need to book and pay for your flight ticket and you will be reimbursed once you arrive at the Technion)

Q. How do I know if I passed the interview?

A. After the visit to the Technion, the SC will meet and decide, according to the visit impressions, if there is interest in continuing with the application. The head of program will contact you in any case to update you about your application.


Q. If I passed the interview, when will I sign a contract?

A. After passing the interview there are still some stages regarding the application such as passing the Preparatory Committee, obtaining reference letters, and Technion Senate Committee decisions.  These stages can take some time and you will be updated throughout the whole process.

Q. Who do I sign a contract with?

A. When chosen as a faculty member, the academic appointment is granted by the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and the employment contract is with GTIIT –  Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

Q. What is the salary for a faculty member?

A. The salary is determined during the last stages of the recruitment process and based on rank and academic seniority. Guangdong Technion will offer generous salary and benefits, start-up packages, fully-equipped research laboratories, modern infrastructure, and qualified research personnel.

We are very keen on encouraging deep and meaningful research – this is one of our goals to make Guangdong Technion an elite research university. Therefore, we believe we can offer a very competitive salary and benefits package to outstanding researchers.

Q. Will the research labs be ready when I arrive?

A. Building is progressing quickly on the new “North Campus” of Guangdong Technion, which will include a research building with over 50 fully fitted-out laboratories, each of about 70 m2 as well as additional office space. Facilities will include central laboratories with expensive equipment such as electron microscopes.

Q. Will I have other responsibilities besides research?

A. As a research university, we expect teachers to spend 1/3 of their time doing research, 1/3 teaching and 1/3 service and academic administration. Course load is 9 academic credits per year (1 credit = 1 semester hour) – which can be either 3 or 4 courses depending on how many credits they each count for.

Q. What is the work contract salary currency (RMB, USD etc.)?

A. Either RMB or USD is available as the salary currency for foreign nationals.

Q. Can I transfer money out of China, on a regular basis and not only with the termination of the contract?

A. Yes, the salary received in RMB or USD can be transferred on a regular basis, there is no time limit on the precondition that the transfer amount shall not exceed the salary.

Living in China

Q. Is there already an English school/kindergarten available?

A. GTIIT-Affiliated International School is located on the GTIIT campus and is independently owned and operated through ISS-ULink. To inquire about admissions or to apply, visit the school website at

Q. Where will faculty members live and in what kind of house?

A. Academic faculty and staff will generally have housing available on the Guangdong Technion campus. Apartments of various sizes will either be provided for free or subsidized by Guangdong Technion depending on family needs and availability. The housing will not include utility costs (electricity, gas, water).

Q. Is there a possibility that my spouse could be employed?

A. GTIIT management will try to employ faculty member's spouses on campus, but cannot promise this at this stage. Please send your spouse's CV to check position availability.

Q. Will health insurance be provided? To me and my family?

A. Foreign faculty will be insured with AETNA medical and accident insurance company. For foreign faculty families GTIIT will pay up to 50% of their insurance.

Q. Will I pay tax in china?

A. Up to Apr. 2017, China has signed bilateral tax treaty with 106 countries and regions. In most cases, these bilateral tax treaties grant foreign experts, especially faculty and research personnel, a certain period of tax exemption. (i.e. Israeli faculty can apply for a two-years tax exemption). Those who work over the tax exemption period may be required to pay individual income tax in China. For details please refer to the relevant bilateral tax treaty. 

Q. Will the university pay for a Travel allowance?

A. Travel allowance will be paid based on the duration of stay in GTIIT.

Q. Will I be able to visit GTIIT with my spouse before I sign the contract?

A. A visit can be arranged in special cases.

Q. Will I receive a removal expenses?

A. A one-time allowance of USD 1500 for shipping and other relocation expenses, for employees who spend 10 months or more at GTIIT.

Q. What is the Chinese Visa application procedure?

A. Staff members coming from overseas are advised to note that immigration requirements are subject to change.

Under the China Immigration Ordinance and the latest Regulations for Work Permits for Foreign Employees in Mainland China issued on November 2, 2016, appointees who have no legal right to stay in China should first apply for a Foreign Experts Work Permit and Residence Permit before taking up employment.

According to your position, different documents are required for the application procedure. A list of requirements will be sent at the relevant time.

Q. Will I need to do health checks in China?

A. Within 15 days after entering China, you must do a health check for residence permit purpose.

Q. Do I need a Chinese bank accounts?

A. You will need to open a Chinese Bank account to receive your salary. On STU campus, there are 2 big Chinese banks where you can open an account.

To open a bank account all you simply need to do is bring an original passport and fill out a simple application form that will generally only ask for an address (work or personal) a contact number (work or personal) and information that is found on your passport.

The process is generally quick and can take as little as 20 minutes, though, if it is busy, the process can take more than an hour due to queuing time. Your account however, will be active from the moment of its opening.

Q. What is my account termination process and how can I take my money out of the country? Is there any limit on the amount I can leave the country with and/or transfer out?

A. If you would like to transfer foreign currency into RMB, according to the policy set by the Chinese Administration of Foreign Exchange, each person can only change USD50,000 (or equivalent foreign currency) into RMB per calendar year. There is, however, no limit on the number of transactions.

At the end of an assignment, if you want to transfer your money overseas, you will need to change the RMB amount into foreign currency first. The following documents will need to be presented to the bank for currency exchange:

Passport and Visa (Original and copy)

After tax certificate (Original and copy)

Employee letter (contract) with company seal/stamp

Work permit

Proof of income amount (letter with company seal/stamp)

There is currently* no limit to how much can be transferred overseas, as long as you can prove that you have earned all that money in China and that you have paid tax on what you earned.

*The policies of the Foreign Exchange Administration are known to change quite often, even overnight, and it will be necessary to check again before arranging transfers in or out.

Q. I do not speak Chinese, will GTIIT staff assist me with all the administration issues in China for example, opening a bank account, purchasing a cellphone package etc.?

A. GTIIT administrative staff is bilingual – English/Chinese and will help you when you arrive to China.

Q. Can you tell me a bit about Shantou? How can I get around Shantou? What kind of food can you find in Shantou? Would you please give me a portrait of Shantou?

A.  We have a detailed city introduction on our website. Please refer to the link:

Q. Is there a contact person I can contact if I have any questions?

A. You are welcome to contact us with any question regarding the application, contract and moving to China at



Tel: 86-0754-88077088、88077060

Address: 241 Daxue Road, Jinping District, Shantou, Guangdong Province, China

Postal Code:515063