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Student Activities

GTIIT has established more than 20 student organizations, including the Student Association and various student clubs. Students can discover new ideas, learn about different cultures and interests, develop skills, and contribute to the community in GTIIT through participating in club activities, volunteering in service projects and attending skill improvement programs.

Student Association

GTIIT Student Association strives to enhance the intellectual, cultural, and personal growth of the undergraduate through diverse activities. It is dedicated to being the liaison between the students and the administrators by acting as the voice of the students. It also provides a platform for students to develop their leadership skills.

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Youth Volunteer Association

The mission of the association is to promote the socialist spiritual civilization, create a more harmonious society, facilitate the construction of GTIIT campus culture and youth personal development through experiential learning, service, and community activism. GTIIT Youth Volunteer Association works to ensure that all of our participants uphold the 4 core values of our association: Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility – both during our programs and in their everyday lives.

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The GTIIT Choir


The GTIIT Choir was established at the end of March 2019. It is led by Professor Liao Wenlan from the Art Education Center at Shantou University. The choir made its debut at the Beijing National Grand Theater, the highest art venue in China. Since its establishment, the choir has performed in the Shantou University Choir Competition and the annual graduation ceremony of GT. They have also organized various "choir + flash mob" performances to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the Winter Olympics. The choir's fresh and dynamic beats are highly infectious and have received widespread praise from students and faculty across the campus.

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Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are a vibrant part of the campus life, not only to serve the diverse needs and interests of our students, but also to provide opportunities for leadership skills development, as well as to empower students culturally, socially, and intellectually.


In order to encourage the all-round development of its students, GTIIT has set up the Extra-Curricular Scholarship in recognition of achievement in non-academic fields such as leadership and public service, culture, athletics, arts and innovation.


There are 19 student organizations/clubs in GTIIT. There are (In no particular order)

Tennis Club, Touch Rugby Club, Infogeek,Badminton Society,Photography Club,8MM Movie Society, MKG Anime Club,TRG Basketball Club,Association of Commercial Entrepreneur (ACE), Monologist Literature Club, Fugue Classic Music Club, Model United Nations, Chess Nuts,Psychology Club , Modern Chinese Orchestra, Music Club, Gravity Street Dancing Club and

Football Association.

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Community Engagement

Community engagement provides opportunities to engage with the local community, communities across China, and the international community that explore rich culture, history, and commitment to change and development. In addition, GTIIT actively arranges students to visit well-known enterprises in relevant industries. Through field visit and on-site communication, students gain a deeper understanding of the practical application of the knowledge they have learned.



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