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Academic faculty and staff will generally have on-campus housing available. Apartments of  various sizes will either be provided for free or subsidized by GTIIT depending on family needs and availability.


The electric power is 220V 50Hz. 

Current electricity charge is RMB 0.74/kwh.



Current water charge is RMB 2.98/m3. Hot water charge is RMB 30/m3.

Tap water is not drinkable in China. 9-gallon purified drinking water containers can be bought on campus and delivered to the apartment. Another solution is to boil the tap water.


Children's Education

The Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology(GTIIT) Affiliated International School was officially launched in 2019. 

As the first-of-its-kind international school in the East and West of Guangdong Province, it is located on GTIIT North Campus, and organized by function, including classrooms, reading rooms, painting rooms, music rooms and activity areas. It provides a fresh and natural atmosphere with vivid colors. The program provides GTIIT and STU overseas expatriate children with a U.S. style, English medium curriculum for kindergarten to Grade 6 in its first year of operation.

The school now provides international program (AIS) for children of overseas expatriates. The bilingual program (ABS) for children of Chinese nationals has started construction and is scheduled to open in 2021 with the opening of the GTIIT South Campus. By then, the total number of students enrolled in the affiliated school will be 1,400.


Health Insurance

GTIIT will provide health insurance and personal accident insurance for all international staff. 

For more information, please contact our HR office.

Ms. Lynn Chen:

Medical Service in Shantou

Shantou is the medical center in East Guangdong, and has a complete medical service system to provide Chinese and foreign faculty and staff with reliable health care. Presently, major general hospitals in Shantou include the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College with the International Medical Service Center; the Second Affiliated Hospital; and Shantou Central Hospital. In addition, there are specialized hospitals such as the Joint Eye Center of Shantou University and Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Cancer Hospital of Shantou University Medical College. All of the above have possess modern medical facilities and experienced medical personnel. In addition, Shantou 120 Emergency Center provides 24-hour service seven days a week.


There is also a clinic right on campus, staffed by experienced English-speaking nurses who can handle many medical issues, and will be accpmpany faculty and staff who may need hospital care.

The First Affiliated Hospital of STU Medical College -- International Medical Service Center

  • Introduction

The International Medical Service Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College is committed to providing high quality and efficient medical service to international patients. The Hospital has first-class medical resources and facilities. The medical team consists of experienced experts with overseas training in their respective specialties. The Center provides a 24-hour appointment booking service by telephone. Patients will see their doctor immediately when they arrive. A GTIIT nurse will accompany and assist patients during the entire visit.

The Center provides outpatient and inpatient services. The outpatient department consists of two consulting rooms with a comfortable waiting area. The six-bed inpatient ward has two independent suites and four single rooms each equipped with central oxygen and suction systems, a dual air-conditioning/heating system, refrigerator, TV, and an attached restroom.

If necessary, a specialist will be consulted for a personalized treatment plan for a patient. Personal health records, personal health tracking, and follow-up services will be provided.

  • Please Note:

The following documents should be brought with patients: passport, photo ID, and medical insurance card.

  • Procedure at the Center

  • If a patient needs to see a doctor, he/she can call a liaison doctor (see list below) and provide the following information: name, main complaint, and symptoms. The doctor will make a preliminary evaluation. If the patient's condition is urgent, the Center arrange for emergency ambulance service to take the patient to the Emergency Department of the hospital. If the condition is not urgent, the patient should come to the Emergency Department by him/herself.

  • A nurse will prepare a personal health record for the patient when he/she arrives and bring him/her to the waiting area of the Center.

  • The nurse will escort patient to the doctor and arrange for a blood test and/or other treatment as needed. Patients just need to follow the nurse during the visit.

  • After the visit, the nurse will guide the patient to the cashier and pharmacy and get medications as needed.

  • If a patient needs to be hospitalized, the nurse will help him/her complete the admission procedure and bring them to the inpatient department.

    Liaison Doctors    Cell phone: 86-13414056812

1.    Chuhong REN, MD -- Associate Professor of Medicine

Board Certifications: Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine

On-call: 24 hours

2.    Wensheng HUANG, MD -- Attending Physician

Board Certifications: Neurology, Internal Medicine

On-call: 24 hours

3.    Liepeng XU, MD -- Resident

Board Certification: Neurosurgery

On-call: 24 hours

4.    Xiaohuan YANG, MD, PHD -- Associate Professor of Medicine

Board Certification: Traditional Chinese Medicine

On stand-by



Work Permit and Residence Permit

The GTIIT Human Resources office will assist international faculty and staff in applying online for work permit notices. Applicants can then use the work permit notices to apply for a visa to enter China.


After arriving at GTIIT, the HR office will assist in applying for a residence permit and an official work permit. 

Ms. Lynn Chen:   +86-754-8807 7063


Salary and Income Tax

Salary will be deposited into employees' personal account at the end of every month. It is suggested the employees open an account at the Bank of China branch on campus for easy transactions (see below). Online and/or mobile banking is encouraged for those who understand Chinese.

International staff will need to pay individual income tax to work in China legally. Based on different tax exemption agreements between China and foreign countries, foreigners can enjoy a tax-free period for the first few years working in China. Please contact our HR or finance office for further information.

Ms. Lynn Chen:   +86-754-8807 7063

Mr. Jack Guo:   +86-754-8807 7064

The information in this section is general and is not intended to replace individual tax counseling. You are encouraged to consult with a local tax expert.

Currency and Money Exchange

Ren Min Bi (RMB) is the official currency of the People's Republic of China. Yuan (Chinese: 元; pinyin: yuan; sign: ¥) is the basic unit of RMB. The exchange rate between RMB and the US dollar is about: 1USD = 6.90RMB (as of December 10, 2018).

Exchange of foreign currencies and Chinese yuan can be made at banks and counters at airports. 

Opening a Bank Account

There is a bank branch on GTIIT campus – China Construction Bank. The opening of a bank account is an easy process with support of GTIIT Finance Office assistant. The currency of payment can be either USD or Chinese currency.


Internet and Wi-Fi Services

GTIIT maintains a comprehensive campus network connecting all buildings in the educational area and living areas to each other. All faculty members are eligible to use Israel Technion network service.

Reliable Wi-Fi service is available in most areas on campus. 


Tel: 86-0754-88077088、88077060

Address: 241 Daxue Road, Jinping District, Shantou, Guangdong Province, China

Postal Code:515063