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BSc. in Materials Engineering

Material Science and Engineering is an advanced area, which is entering many varied industries at a fast pace. The great importance of materials engineering lies in the development of new processes and materials required for advanced industries. The materials engineer chooses materials suitable for various engineering applications; is involved in R&D of materials from the nuclear through the molecular levels; researches, develops and implements processes, as well as product quality and reliability assurance; improves material properties; investigates product failure; applies advanced analytic methods; and manages technology. Specialization areas include: metallurgy and metallic materials; electronic materials; ceramic materials; polymers and plastic materials; complex materials; environmental protection of materials; methods of characterizing material.


This program ensures the qualification of materials engineers prepared for employment in both R&D and industrial positions. The first study tier focuses on basic science courses (mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science), along with introductory courses in materials engineering. The second tier includes advanced courses, in which students acquire a sound scientific basis in the main areas of materials engineering, and can then specialize in some of the fields mentioned above. Please visit Curriculum for details.

Academic Team

All academic staff are seconded by Technion or recruited worldwide according to the criteria of Technion. We have about 100 academic staff from Israel, United States, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Denmark, India, Canada, Spain, etc. The ratio of students to academics is about 10:1.  Please visit our directory of academic team for details.

Career Development

The Material Science and Engineering program aims to train graduates to integrate and lead in: Research and development of materials and their characterization and uses for high-technology industries – from semi-conductor manufacturing, through materials for biological applications. Students will conduct senior projects in material science in cooperation with industry and will be exposed to advanced research methods in materials science and engineering.

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