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Cost and Tuition Fee for Cohort 2021

Tuition fee: Tuition fee for international undergraduate is 15,000 USD per academic year. These include library membership, IT services, athletic facilities, shared textbooks and examinations.

Accommodation cost: Accommodation cost for international undergraduate is 180 USD per academic year, plus utilities cost, which is about 200 USD per academic year.

Living cost: About 3,000 USD per academic year, which is up to personal lifestyle.

Compulsory insurance: Overseas undergraduate students need to pay 1,000 RMB per year.

Scholarships 2019-2020

Scholarship for International Student

Chancellors' Scholarship for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Students

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Gaokao Subject Excellence Award 2021

In addition to above, the following scholarships are also avaiable:

Extra-Curricular Scholarships

In order to encourage all-around development of students, GTIIT has set up the Extra-Curricular Scholarship in recognition of the students' achievement in non-academic fields such as leadership and public service, culture, athletics, arts, and innovation. The award amount is ¥ 5,000 CNY and is for one academic year only. 


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