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Undergraduate Program Course Curricula (MCS)

Cultivation Scheme of Mathematics with Computer Science


1.       Overview

The Faculty of Mathematics of the Technion has a long history. It has the study programs of basic mathematics and applied mathematics, and has trained outstanding talents such as the renowned mathematician Paul Erd?s.


The study program has the characteristics of strong foundation and wide application range. Students can further study computer science-related professional knowledge on the basis of mastering the knowledge of mathematics, and lay a solid foundation for working in the field of computer science. Therefore, the study program combines the computer science with the characteristics of mathematics, to develop professional characteristics, to train students who wish to engage in scientific programming or algorithm development involving mathematical thinking, and who are interested in promoting the development of computer science, so that they can become the compound and innovative talents suitable for the social and economic development.

2.       Program’s Goal of Cultivation

The study program requires students to master the basic theories and methods of mathematical science, receive systematic training for mathematical thinking, and master the basic thinking methods and research methods of computer science. On the basis of mastering mathematical knowledge, students can further learn professional knowledge related to computer science. The program is to train the intelligent students to be capable of doing research or pursuing career in mathematics. It can also contribute to the entrance of the career related computer science. Students shall have the ability to understand and make full use of mathematical knowledge and use computers to solve practical problems, and try to become the specialized talents who are capable of engaging in research, development and teaching in scientific, technological, educational or economic fields, or work on the practical application, development, research or management in production, operation or management sectors. The following jobs are most suitable for the program graduates: a) Scientific software developer (topics as signal processing, data science, communication, networking); b) Research scientist (math and computer science); c) Actuarial analyst; d) Data analyst; e) Investment analyst; f) Secondary school teacher; g) Statistician. Our experience shows clearly that the program is particularly successful with students who want to be involved with scientific programming or the development of algorithms which involve mathematical thinking. We are confident that the students who study this program could be the leading figure in the related fields especially in the computer science.


The goal of the program Mathematics with Computer Science is to provide the students with: (1) a broad, deep and rigorous education in Mathematics, (2) a very good level of computer science education by offering the students most of the compulsory courses in a strong Computer science program, (3) several courses in Physics and in Chemistry or Biology, (4) courses in general education and English. The students will be awarded a bachelor degree from the Technion in Mathematics with Computer science and a Chinese degree in Mathematics and Applied mathematics.


Students who have completed the proposed degree will be competent to apply to any graduate program in Mathematics or Computer Science. For instance, in order to apply to the graduate programs at the Technion (Math or CS) excellent students will not be required to complete additional undergraduate courses.

3.       Total Credits for Graduation

The total credits of the four-year undergraduate program are 145.5, including 16 credits of moral and political theory courses requested by the China Ministry of Education. Students must complete 2 credits of physical education courses during the 4 years of study.

4.       Study Years

4 years, students will be awarded the bachelor degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of GTIIT, and bachelor degree in Mathematics with Computer Science from the Technion. 

5.       Basic Requirements for Talents (Students) Cultivation

a.       To receive systematic training for mathematical thinking, master the basic thinking methods of mathematical science, and have strong mathematical thinking and mathematic foundation;

b.       The ability to study or apply mathematical knowledge to solve practical problems;

c.   Understand the historical overview and wide application of mathematics, as well as the new developments in contemporary mathematics.

d.    Master the basic methods of data query, document retrieval, and the use of modern technology to obtain relevant information.

e.       Has good computer level, understand the development status and trend of computer science;

f.        Adopt an English teaching mode and use the original English textbooks to cultivate students' English thinking and logic skills, so that students have the same language proficiency required for studying in an English-speaking country university. Have a global vision, intercultural communications ability and cooperation ability.

6.       Graduation Requirements

Students will graduate when fulfilling the graduation requirements within the prescribed number of years, and have at least 129.5 credits of courses, with a minimum grade of 55 in each course, and GPA above 65. 

7.       Basic Information Resources

The program cultivation schemes, syllabi, teaching criteria, and assessment criteria of courses, graduation evaluation criteria and other basic teaching information are offered in form of brochures, websites, etc.

8.       Textbooks and References

Foreign language textbooks that reflect the international level are selected for steady practices of bilingual or English-language-only teaching.


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