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GTIIT starts to admit students from HK and Macau in 2018


GTIIT starts to admit students from HK and Macau in 2018 through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Admissions Requirements will be published on GTIIT's website soon.

The main instruction language at GTIIT is English and we offer 4-year programs leading to bachelor degrees. They are BSc Chemical Engineering, BSc Biotechnology, and Food Engineering and BSc Materials Engineering. Graduates will be awarded a degree certificate and a graduation certificate from GTIIT along with a degree certificate from the Technion which are internationally recognized.

Before the start of the formal academic semester, all freshmen will take part in a preparation period, which lasts four to six weeks and consists of courses in math, physics, and English. The preparation period is designed to prepare students with a solid foundation in math, physics, and English, as well as the communication skills needed for academic studies. All preparation courses are conducted in English.

The tuition fee for students from Hong Kong and Macau is ¥95,000 a year and the accommodation fee is ¥1,200 a year. We offer a range of scholarships including Academic Excellence Scholarship, Extra-curricular Scholarship, and corporate and individual sponsored scholarships.

In the future, GTIIT aims to accept students from HK, Macau, and Taiwan regions through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) or through the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) for HK students, General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT) for Taiwan students and school recommendation for Macau students, respectively. Upon the Ministry of Education's approval, Admissions requirements will be announced on GTIIT's official website and the website of Admissions Information of Mainland China Universities for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Students.

Welcome to GTIIT in August, 2018!



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