Director general of Guangdong Education Department Jing Lihu expects GTIIT to speed up development and become the main force of provincial laboratory



A delegation led by Guangdong Education Department Director General Jing Lihu and Vice Director General Xing Feng visited GTIIT on Nov. 4th.

Peretz Lavie, President of Technion; Jiang Hong, Party secretary and President of Shantou University; Yi Cohen, Pro Vice Chancellor and Director General of GTIIT; and Lin Danming, Pro Vice Chancellor of GTIIT attended the meeting. Mr. Jing Lihu fully recognized the achievement of GTIIT, expressing that Guangdong Education Department has full confidence in the future development of GTIIT. He hoped that GTIIT can make more teaching and research achievements. 

President Peretz Lavie pointed out that, GTIIT will actively participate in the establishment of provincial laboratory. More faculty members and scientific research will be provided by Technion to promote the long-term development of GTIIT.


President Peretz Lavie introduced the current student population, programs setting, and teachers and researchers recruitment, and he also further talked about the future development of GTIIT. "GTIIT strives to recruit outstanding faculty members globally. The current faculty members are from foreign countries including Israel, Autralia, Germany, New Zealand etc. They speak highly of GTIIT," President Peretz Lavie said. He added that, GTIIT academic team published papers and books, participated in various academic conferences, and also achieved a breakthrough in the National Natural Science Fund during the last year. "GTIIT will go on participating in the establishment of provincial laboratory, boosting the development of teaching research and promoting the advancement of GTIIT."


Mr. Jing Lihu expressed that, the cooperation between China and Israel has attracted wide attention. As a brand-new university, GTIIT has a good reputation due to its university spirit and learning principle. Guangdong Province attaches great importance to the future development of GTIIT. "GTIIT should accelerate long-term development according to the strategic direction and discipline construction, and make more contribution to the establishment of provincial laboratory.


Text:GTIIT News and Public Affairs

Photo:GTIIT News and Public Affairs




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