New Year Resolutions for 2019


2018 is coming to an end!

Have you forgotten about your 2018 goals?

Come with me to review 2018 New Year resolutions of some GTIITers!


My 2018 resolutions are to improve language skills and ways of learning new things, and to face various difficulties with a strong heart. (He Hanglin)

Try my best to achieve academic success and win a college scholarship,learn to play an instrument by myself,  and find ways to significantly improve photography skills.(Zhang Zihan)

My 2018 resolutions are studying hard, winning the scholarships, and getting closer to my dream. (Liu Minwei)

I want to win the First Prize of Academic Excellence Scholarship so that I can visit the South Pole and say hi to penguins. (Huang Runsheng)

Be bold, responsible, and kind. (Yao Zhixiang)

Do well in GaoKao and choose an ideal university without regrets. (You Haoxuan)

I wished I could do well in GaoKao and be admitted by GTIIT.(Lu Baiyu)

Faculty and Staff

I didn't make a resolution for 2018, but I did have a goal to learn more Chinese. (Jamie Wright)

I had soooo many goals in 2018, such as getting into an interesting person, losing 10 kg or so in weight, learning Chaoshan dialect..... (Huang Kai)

Improve professional job-related skills, improve languages skills, visit as many new places as possible. (Stav Sofer)

Did they achieve goals?


I can't say that I have totally achieved. But I'm certainly getting better. (He Hanglin)

I have achieved goals of learning an instrument and improving photography skills. (Zhang Zihan)

My resolution of 2018 has been partially accomplished. (Liu Minwei)

I only got the Third Prize of Chancellor's Scholarship so that I can't go to the South Pole this year (By Huang Runsheng)

To some extent I successfully achieved my goal when the preparatory course ended in September this year. (Yao Zhixiang)

Definitely yes! (You Haoxuan)  

Yep!(Lu Baiyu)

Faculty and Staff

I think I did learn a lot more Chinese, but my progress has slowed down during the busy semester time! I would like to make more progress in the coming year. (Jamie Wright)

At least I find myself not too boring. (Huang Kai)

I did accomplish my goals to a certain level, still a lot of space to improve for next year. (Stav Sofer)

Overall, many GTIITers did a good job this year!

We also invite some GTIITers to share their 2019 resolution with us!


I will go on achieving my 2018 resolution in the coming 2019. For me, life is good but the best is yet to come. (He Hanglin)

Personally, I will try to attend the MPC, gain the scholarship, and greatly improve my basketball skills. As for association,I will try to contact with some international organizations to strengthen the connection between GTIIT Youth Volunteer Association and international organizations. (Zhang Zihan)

Become a better person! I will work hard for the Academic Excellence Scholarship, pass the GRE, and participate in some scientific research programs. In that case, I will be closer to my dream as a scientist in researching medicine.  (Liu Minwei)  

I am looking forward to visiting the South Pole and starting an environmental scientific research program with my good friends. (Huang Runsheng)

Keep cool and go on, be a better person and achieve more satisfaction.(Yao Zhixiang)

I hope that I can pass all the exams and make a greater contribution to our basketball team without injuries. (You Haoxuan)  

Pass all the exams and grow taller.(Lu Baiyu)

Faculty and Staff

My resolutions for 2019 are to help give a great laboratory chemistry course for GTIIT in the next semester, and to take the HSK Chinese test. Oh... and to eat healthier food... I want to start cooking more at home, which is difficult when there is so much good food in restaurants in China! (Jamie Wright)

My 2019 goals are contributing more to GTIIT through my research and teaching, and spending quality time with my family.(Zhong Ziyi)

Work hard, play hard (Huang Kai)

Exercise more, have a healthier life, read more books, and take 2018 resolution to a higher level.(Stav Sofer)

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Text/Photos: GTIIT News & Public Affairs




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