Article of Prof. Ashok Patel from GTIIT is included in this years' Encyclopedia of Food Chemistry


An article of Ashok R. Patel, associate Professor of GTIIT, is included in Encyclopedia of Food Chemistry 2019. The title of the work is Oleogelation for Food Structuring Based on Synergistic Interactions Among Food Components.


The article is published in Encyclopedia of Food Chemistry 2019, Volume 2, Pages 715-718. The article gives a bird's-eye view of the emerging field of oleogelation. Oleogelation or structuring food products without the use of solid fats has the potential to contribute significantly towards solving long-standing challenges in the area of food structuring. As discussed in the article, by exploring the synergistic interactions of known food-grade materials, a range of mixed gels can be created. The flexibility of tuning the rheological and physical properties of such gels makes them quite attractive for commercial applications. This is especially relevant in the current time due to the recent global ban on trans-fats in food products.


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Prof. Ashok Patel will teach the course on "Food Chemistry" to Cohort 1 BFE students in the coming semester.


* Interested readers can find the article here.

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