The first Winter Camp ended successfully


From January 29th to 30th, 45 students of 15 high schools from 8 cities gathered in the campus of GTIIT to participate in the first winter camp. What surprises did GTIIT bring to the students? Let's take a look.

Campus Tour

Campers were curious about GTIIT campus and were showed around by GTIIT volunteers.



Prof. Antti Rasila, an associate professor of mathematics from Finland, took the map as the example and reproduced the development process of the mathematical theory of conformal mapping with the development of map production. For the first time, the students learned how things on ground were displayed on the map through map projection, what mathematical principles and formulas determined the accuracy and completeness of this reproduction process. After class, the students commented that they never expect the process of generating the map will contain such a subtle mathematical process!

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Physics was given by Assistant Prof. Xu Xinpeng. He vividly and scientifically described some physical characteristics of animal cells using pictures, videos, scientific research examples, etc. Animal cells can change freely and rapidly between different forms. By using the effect of exerting force to sense the external environment, it is very sensitive to the external environment and the force from the outside. 

At the end of the class, Prof. Xu invited the students to share the scientific topics that they are more interested in or that they want to solve in the future. He also shared his views and opinions on these issues with the students.



The chemistry class was given by Dr. James Stuart Wright (Jamie) from the UK. In the class, he mainly taught the chemical concepts of supersaturated solutions, liquid crystals, porous solids, and emulsions and the scientific knowledge behind them. Every time he taught the concept of chemistry, he displayed a demonstration. Before ending his class, Jamie even made ice-cream!

The purpose of designing this experiment is mainly to let the students know that the small ice crystal formed by rapid cooling has a different taste from the large ice crystal formed by slow cooling in the refrigerator. The difference in internal structure often brings a colorful experience to our lives. During the experiment, the effect of the smog really surprised the students!

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English is the language for teaching and learning in GTIIT. The university has English courses to help students improve their English to cope with daily professional courses. For the English class at this winter camp, we invited Dr. Constance Van Horne(Connie) from Canada. Connie created her own foreign language teaching method called Smile and Courage. In her class, she introduced how to learn foreign languages with a smile and a brave positive attitude. The students were infected by her confident and positive smile, deeply understanding the importance of being positive and abandoning the fear in the process of learning a foreign language.

As to pronunciation, Connie taught the students a trick to practice the "TH" pronunciation in English. "Put the lollipop in front of your lips, and every time you say 'TH' ([?] or [e]), stick your tongue to the lollipop that can touch your lips." Haha, what a funny but helpful way!


Student Activity

To let campers know better about their peers, student activities were organized by volunteers on the evening of 29th. It is mainly about team building. See?! Students fully showed their "innovative skill". Besides, they are also good producers, good directors and good actors. Wait, I guess we are not in a film college!



The first Winter Camp ended successfully on the afternoon of 30th. However, as the students put it, our friendship just begins. 

GTIIT is looking forward to the day when you will come back to meet your lovely peers again and we wish that GTIIT is always a place for your dream to blossom.




Text by GTIIT Admissions Office

Photos by GTIIT News & Public Affairs, Lin Qia, Zhang Zihan, Lin Le

Edited by GTIIT News & Public Affairs




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