"Geometric function theory, PDEs and their applications" conference has been successfully held


From April 13th to 15th , the conference of "Geometric function theory, PDEs and their applications" has been successfully held by GTIIT and Shantou University. The conference attracted many outstanding scholars of universities from Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Hebei, and also famous experts of foreign universities from Lebanon, Israel and Finland.

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In two and half days, the 61 participants had discussed 30 academic topics, such as P-Minkowski problem from Prof. Jian Huaiyu of Tsinghua University, Measure estimates for nodal sets of solutions to some elliptic equations from Prof. Yang Xiaoping of Nanjing University, Valency Crietria for Harmonic Mappings of Bounded Boundary Rotation from Prof. Abdallah K. Lyzzaik of American University of Beirut, Bohr's inequality for harmonic mappings from Prof. Stavors Evdoridis of Aalto University and etc. The various and profound topics were the masterpieces of these distinguished scholars and experts.


Scholars were gathering to present the achievements of their recent research projects, to explain the methods they used, and to provide each other the cutting-edge information in different specific research areas, which was beneficial to inspire new ideas or boost interdisciplinary collaborations. 

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Prof. Deng Shenzhou, from Beijing Jiaotong University,said that, academic communication in mathematical research is relatively in a small range. The conference held by GTIIT and STU built up a platform for in-depth communication among the international mathematical society,  which was very valuable.


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Text by Huang Qianle

Photos by Liu Shuoshuo, Lin Qia

Edited by GTIIT News & Public Affairs




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