The 2019 Opening Ceremony of GTIIT drew to a successful conclusion



The Opening Ceremony of GTIIT of the year of 2019 was held this morning.

The event was attended by distinguished leaders and guests, including Prof. Li Jian'ge, Chancellor of GTIIT; Mr. Eli Lipshitz, Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou; Prof. Fu Liang, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Public Diplomacy Association; Dr. Lin Yimin, Vice Mayor of Shantou Municipality; Madam Wang Yun, Founding Member of the GTIIT Board; Mr. Huang Huiyang, Member of the GTIIT Board; Prof. Liu Wenhua, Vice President of Shantou University; Mr. Chu Zhaosheng, Editorial Board Member of China Education Daily, and Director of China Education Weekly; Mr. Qiu Changyi, Director of Shantou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau; Mr. Jin Chunlin, Vice Director of Shantou Municipal Education Bureau; Mr. Yigal Cohen, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Director-General of GTIIT; Madam Naama Avrchami, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Director-General elect of GTIIT; and Prof. Ori Lahav, Dean of GTIIT Undergraduate Studies. PVC Lin Danming was the host of the ceremony.

Representatives of GTIIT faculty members and heads of administrative departments also attended the ceremony.


Li Jiange, Chancellor of GTIIT 

The speech given by Chancellor Li was inspiring! He warmly welcomed all the new students of GTIIT and said the decision to join GTIIT was wise and forward-looking. GTIIT is the youngest university listed in the Guangdong High Level University Development Program. Currently four disciplines are listed as key disciplines in constructing high-level universities in Guangdong Province. GTIIT has also been designated as the supporting unit for constructing the provincial laboratory of chemistry and fine chemical engineering, which has further established the important academic position of GTIIT in Guangdong and the country.

Chancellor Li said," 'unconventional' and 'creative' are indispensable qualities for you to keep up with the time. Four years might be a short period of time, but may reshape the taste and quality of your life." He encouraged students to participate in social practice actively while devoting to academic studies, improve comprehensive qualities, develop humanity care, and cultivate a kind and loving heart which is both a philosophy of life and a great wisdom.


Mr. Eli LipshitzDeputy Consul General of Israel in Guangzhou

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving," Mr. Eli Lipshitz quoted this sentences from Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize winner and one of the founding fathers of the original Technion and the president of the first Technion Society to open up his speeh. He pointed out that each year and each semester, this lesson is implemented here at GTIIT, such as the growing numbers, new state of the art laboratories and new methods of teaching and learning. He encouraged students to work hard, and be the perfect candidates to propel this Greater Bay Area into the future.

Prof. Eliezer Shalev, Vice Chancellor of GTIIT congratulated the freshmen by video.


Ms. Naama Avrchami awarded the winner of the 3rd Class of the Chancellor's Scholarship


Mr. Yigal Cohen awarded the winner of the 2nd Class of the Chancellor's Scholarship


Chancellor Li Jiange awarded the winner of the 1st Class of the Chancellor's Scholarship


Mr. He Hanglin, student representative

He Hanglin shared his study experience and campus life in the past years to show the importance of diligence. He also encouraged all the freshmen to explore what they love.


Miss. Lin Wanyi, freshman representative

Freshman representative Lin Wanyi shared her expectation towards college life and called on every freshman to work progressively towards their goals and make this world a better place.

GTIIT 2019 Opening Ceremony drew to a successful conclusion.




Text by GTIIT News & Public Affairs, Chen Yutian

Photos by Gao Huayun, Lin Ziyang, Liu Jing, Xu Yue, Zhang Zihan




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