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GTIIT provides mental support for epidemic-affected students


The latest development of the Novel Coronavirus is of great concern. GTIIT 2020 Spring Semester has been postponed due to the epidemic. To ensure our students' mental health, the university Student Affairs Department Mental Health Service Center has provided online sessions for all of them especially those in Hubei province since Feb 1st.

Dear students, the emotional response to the catastrophe, which at first is panic and later becomes depressed and nervious, is a normal reaction. Usually, one can go through it by self-regulation. If the emotional reaction highly interferes your daily life, feel free to contact us for further help.

  • Service Time

08:30-17:30(Working Day)

  • Service Procedure

1. Please email us through, describing your situation and attach the self-testing psychological report (scan the QR-code to access the self-testing psychological questionnaire). 

2. You will get a response about the further arrangement in one working day.

  • Useful Information

We have selected some professional mental health self-help resources for you. If you are interested in it, follow the steps below:

1.Self-testng Questionnaire


*Chinese version only

Scan the QR-code to access the self-testing psychological questionnaire. Once complete, you will get a brief mental health report with professional explanation and suggestions, online resources, and mental health hotlines list. All are free to access.

2.Online Self-help Platform

*Chinese version only

Please visit online self-help platform  for good resources.

 3.Online Mental Health Clinic

If you feel that the current situation is beyond your control and you can't turn to the local mental health institution for help, follow the WeChat public account of "Shanghai Mental Health Center", select "Medical Assistant- Mental Health Consultation", and click to enter "Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Contain Mental Health Counseling" to enter the speedy consultation section.

*Chinese version only

4.Contact Us
If you need specific mental health support or suggestion, please email GTIIT psychological counselor through

  • Kind Reminder

Invited by the Ministry of Education, nationwide well-known psychologists will deliver seven lectures for college students with the theme of mental health from Feb 8th to 10th. The details are below:

1.Content and Lecturers

2.Way to Watch

The lectures will be conducted through webcast. Please follow WeChat official accounts of "京师在线平台",or visit for the lecture and related information.

Hubei, we are stay with you. China, be strong.

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