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GTIIT launches Bachelors in Mathematics with Computer Science Program


Good news! Approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology opens a program —— Mathematics with Computer Science, which will enroll students from 2020.

To help students and parents better understand the strengths of this program, we have collected some Q&A for your reference:

Why did GTIIT open the program Mathematics with Computer Science?

GTIIT has been listed in the Guangdong High Level University Development Program. Four disciplines are listed as key disciplines. Facing this opportunity of development, the teaching, scientific research and program construction of our university have been comprehensively accelerated. The addition of the program of Mathematics with Computer Science is a concrete manifestation of the implementation of the university's educational orientation and the acceleration of the construction of a high-level university of science and engineering.

The Mathematics with Computer Science program follows the disciplinary tradition of the Technion. In line with the rationale of "high-level computer science problems are based on deep mathematical knowledge", courses related to mathematics and computer science are integrated to generate interdisciplinary education advantages and cultivate advanced compound talents with adaptability and flexibility. The curriculum covers core courses of Mathematics programs and compulsory courses of Computer Science programs offered by world-renowned universities, focusing on fundamentals, compatibility and scalability of the knowledge structure. Teaching processes will strengthen the unique mathematics thinking training of the Technion by guiding students to constantly ask and reflect on scientific problems, thus effectively absorbing and digesting the knowledge learned. Graduates of this program will possess a solid foundation in both mathematics and computer science, and at the same time master the principles and applications of symbiosis and co-prosperity in the artificial intelligence environment. As a result, students will be able to develop the ability to mine and solve cutting-edge scientific problems and industrial innovation problems.

How about the faculty of Mathematics with Computer Science offered by GTIIT?

The construction of the program will rely on the Technion. The faculty of Mathematics at the Technion has a history of nearly 70 years. The faculty has a strong teachers' team, a complete curriculum system and a scientific talent training program, which has cultivated many excellent mathematical talents such as the famous mathematician Paul Erd?s. Mathematics is also the dominant program of the Technion. Therefore, on the basis of docking the discipline resources of the Technion, the proposed study program of GTIIT is expected to develop rapidly and become a high-level talent training platform.

Now GTIIT is speeding up the establishment of interdisciplinary research centers in accordance with the development trend of international higher education with interdisciplinary interpenetration, so as to create characteristics and advantages of running the university. Among them, the Advanced Theoretical Science Research Center will become the main supporting institution of the proposed program, providing teaching and scientific research strength for the program construction. The center will employ about 60 faculty members, more than half of whom will be engaged in teaching and research activities in the fields of mathematics and theoretical computer science, and they will be the core faculty who support the program.  In addition, part of the instruction needed in the program will be delivered by visiting faculty from the Technion, researchers from other worldwide universities and part time lecturers that will teach basic undergraduate courses.             


Prof. Eli Aljadeff

Head of GTIIT Mathematics program

  • chair-holder professor in the Mathematics department at the Technion and an employee at GTIIT for teaching and research. Eli is in charge of the mathematics program at GTIIT.

  • received his Ph.D in mathematics from Tel Aviv University in Israel in 1988. He was a visiting professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in USA, Insitute for advanced mathematical research in Strasbourg, France, University of Murcia in Spain and University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

  • algebtraist, working on topics as polynomial identities and group gradings on algebras, Brauer groups, group cohomology and division algebras.

  • arrived to the Technion in 1990. Between 2015 and 2018 he was the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics at the Technion.

I like computer science and mathematics. Can I learn both?

Of course you can have both! Just look at the English name of this program.

Graduates of this program will be ready to pursue graduate studies in Mathematics or Computer Science. According to the experience of the Technion, students with a solid mathematical foundation and thorough knowledge of computer science will be more welcomed by the field of computer science. In addition to postgraduate studies, the employment prospects of this program are also very broad. Graduates will have unique knowledge and capability advantages in industrial innovations led by mathematics and computer science, such as machine learning, neural networks, big data, cognitive systems, genetic algorithms, etc.

What do students in this program learn?

The four-year program consists of a large number of deep and rigorous courses in Math which cover the main areas of mathematics as algebra, analysis, geometry, topology, combinatorics and number theory and the main courses in a strong computer science program as courses in data structures, operating systems, programing and computer organization together with more advanced courses.

The proposed undergraduate program will cover 4 areas of study: 1. Mathematics: this is the most important field; 2. Computer science: the second largest area which contains approximately half as many courses as the Mathematics program; 3. Physics, chemistry or biology: students in the program should take 3-4 courses in one of these fields; 4. General education: courses in humanities and social sciences, physical education, English and the MOE courses.

Students studying Mathematics with Computer Science at GTIIT have the advantages of being able to approach engineering field and take engineering courses.

What can I do after my graduation from the MCS program?

Mathematics is a highly applicative field of studies. According to CBS News in the US, and the Israeli Themarker magazine, Mathematicians are increasingly in demand in today's data-driven economy and being a mathematician is considered one of the best paid and needed professions.

MCS graduates are employed as analysts, algorithmic, data scientists, programmers, statisticians and managers in industries such as finance, information technology, biotechnology, machine learning, signal processing, cybersecurity, multimedia, medical equipment.

The Mathematics faculty at the Technion is one of the leading departments of Mathematics in Israel, a high-tech nation whose graduates are extremely in demand at the best international companies, such as: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Facebook, Mellanox, etc.

What are the advantages of the MCS graduates?

The abstract thinking skill of Mathematics to solve practical problems is the core of mathematics. The advantage of Mathematics graduates over graduates from other scientific and engineering disciplines is their deep understanding of mathematics and their fundamental and structured thinking, which is an asset in any field. The combination of Mathematics with Computer Science grants its graduates the language to execute skills and abilities acquired during mathematics studies making mathematics an extremely applicative topic in any field.  Especially high tech industry needs talents who can abstract or model industrial phenomena or processes and propose solutions based on such analysis. This major has the characteristics of strong foundation and wide application. It will cultivate high-level graduates who can enter the industry, research and teaching fields.

What are other strengths of MCS program offered by GTIIT?

Technion's reputation: The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology was ranked at the 77th place according to the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities. It is one of the world’s leading institutes of science & engineering. For more details, please click here.

International academic community: English, being the GTIIT's teaching language, and the teaching staff that is carefully selected from the best academic institutions around the world will allow its graduates the best international integration both in the academy and the high-tech, having both the language and the needed knowledge.

Innovative spirit: the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Israel combined with the recourses provided by the Chinese government for advancing intelligent and motivated Chinese students can produce a real impact not only on the field of Mathematics but also on other scientific fields.

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