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GTIIT held a GTIIT Graduate Studies Program Online Info Session in the live broadcast room of Bilibili (a popular video website in China) of GTIIT Admissions Office recently. In this Online Info Session, we invited the Dean and the Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies, representative faculty members of our various programs, and members of the Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies (RIGS) Office to introduce the graduate studies programs of GTIIT in detail. We also presented our research directions, as well as specific application requirements and steps, with on-site question answering in live.

Students who have missed the live broadcast could scan the following QR code to watch our wonderful live broadcast review:


On the day of the live broadcast, the response was enthusiastic. While following actively online, the students also raised many questions that deserve attention. For some questions that our potential graduate students are interested in and the key information points mentioned in the live broadcast, we have compiled a list of questions and answers for students for a quick review. The details are as follows:

Graduate Studies Programs

1.The difference between graduate studies program at GTIIT and Technion?

If you would like to apply for a graduate studies program at GTIIT, you need to approach GTIIT Research, Innovation and Graduate Office (RIGS Office) first, and with its help find an advisor in GTIIT. He will find a co-advisor from the Technion campus in Haifa. The majority of your research work will be carried out at the GTIIT campus in Shantou. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend graduate classes and use the research facilities at the Technion campus in Haifa. This generally involves one semester in Haifa for a Master’s degree and two semesters for a PhD degree. The degree will be awarded by the Technion, Israel.

If you would like to apply for a graduate studies program at Technion, you should contact Technion Graduate School directly, your advisor will be a Technion faculty member and your research work will be carried out at the Technion.

2.Can undergraduate students directly apply for PhD program?

The special direct track is extremely rare at the Technion (less than two candidates per year), and most departments will not admit students to this track. According to the information from Technion, the success rate of this track is relatively low, as compared to the regular track or the direct track.

It is strongly recommended for a candidate with a BSc degree to start graduate studies as a master student first, and after approximately one year, if the student excels both in studies and research work, he/she may be transferred to the status of a PhD candidate (direct track).

3.Advisor & Co-advisor

Graduate student in GTIIT will have two advisors. The principal advisor who is responsible for providing support and guidance to the student during the whole graduate studies, is from GTIIT. The co-advisor is from Technion and he is responsible for providing academic support to the student studying at the Technion and for assisting the main advisor if needed.

Two advisors will work together to make a study proposal before the student is accepted for admission.

4.What if I don't find any interested research position appear on the official website?

Please contact RIGS Office and we may connect you with the appropriate advisor.

5.When shall undergraduate students start to apply for graduate studies program at GTIIT?

It is suggested to prepare related application material after completing the junior year (3rd year). Students may apply for graduate studies programs by submitting their up-to-date official transcript first. If they are accepted, they will be required to submit an official final transcript and a copy of bachelor diploma before the admission date.

Dormitory and Facilities

1.Dormitories for graduate students at GTIIT

GTIIT will provide dormitories for graduate students when they stay at the GTIIT campus in Shantou. Regarding the dormitories at the Technion, students shall submit the dormitory application form to the Technion Graduate School in advance, and Technion will provide dormitories for our students when they stay at the Technion campus in Haifa.

2.Scientific Research Equipment

We are continuously purchasing various advanced experimental equipment, both in individual labs and in institutional facilities. As an example, advanced models of SEM, TEM and FIB (Focused ion beam) will be installed this year. We are constantly improving our laboratory environment to support research activities of our graduate students.

Requirements for application material

1.GPA requirements

Master: Technion Graduate school requires the average GPA not less than 75. Each department has the right to determine requirements that are greater than the minimum requirements (most departments require a GPA of at least 83).

PhD: Technion Graduate school requires the average GPA not less than 80. Each department has the right to determine requirements that are greater than the minimum requirements (most departments require a GPA of at least 85).

Generally, we will only accept the application if the GPA meets the requirement, but if the GPA is close to the entry requirement and the student has some excellent research experience/achievements, the department may consider accepting him/her.

2.GRE requirements

All rules (obligations and rights) of Technion apply to GTIIT students, including GRE requirements. Therefore, GTIIT students do not need to provide GRE scores.

For MSc applicants, students from other universities still need to submit a GRE score when they apply for a master's degree in Chemistry or Physics. For PhD applicants, most departments will not require a GRE score if the applicants can provide four recommendation letters: one recommendation letter from the Technion future advisor, one recommendation letter from the Master's degree thesis advisor, and two recommendation letters from advisors during the master program. If they have a GRE score, they only need to provide two recommendation letters (one of them from the Master's degree thesis advisor).

We require a minimum of 80% in the quantitative part and 3.0 in the analytical part.

3.TOEFL&IELTS requirement

There is no compulsory requirement, if you have a TOEFL or IELTS score, you can present it as additional evidence of English language ability.

4.In addition to GPA, what other application materials are required, such as social practice?

We pay more attention to academic achievements of applicants. If applicants have some excellent research experience/achievements, they could provide it as reference in application.

5.English translation of application documents

All academic documents must be either from the university in English or officially translated by a notary. Any personal translation will not be accepted.

6.Requirements for recommendation letter

Applicants for MSc in Chemical Engineering are required to provide two recommendation letters. Applicants for MSc in Materials Science and Engineering are required to provide one recommendation letter. It is generally recommended that all applicants shall submit two recommendation letters.

Applicants for a PhD program are required to provide two recommendation letters. If applicants would like to apply for GRE exemption, they are required to submit two more recommendation letters. 

Recommendation letters must bear the official letterhead of your referrer's workplace and his/her signature.

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