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Application | GTIIT Independent Student Recruitment Application Deadline Now Extend to Sept. 20th


GTIIT application form 2020.docx


Application fee NOT required

Please do not enter any payment details on the form when applying to GTIIT with Study Options.


How & When to apply

Print this form and complete it. Send the scanned completed form to with your supporting documents by 20 September 2020. Qualified students will be invited to a compulsory written examination and an optional interview, details of which will be documented in our invitation letter to the applicants.



Admission decision will be made before 25 September 2020 and applicants who are admitted will receive an offer letter.


Examination & Interview

For examination and interview, applicants will be informed of the latest arrangement in due course.

Applicants who have been admitted to the top 300 university according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020 (list available at in a Science or Engineering related study program would be accepted to GTIIT without a need for an examination and interview. Acceptance of other applicants will be decided upon by the examination result.


Chancellor’s Scholarship

Chancellor’s Scholarship is available for applicants with academic excellence. Scholarship for year 1 is determined by the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020 of the university that has offered the applicant a place of study from outside mainland China.

1st Prize (RMB100,000): Top 50

2nd Prize (RMB75,000): Top 51-100

3rd Prize (RMB50,000): Top 101-150

Chancellor’s Scholarship is retainable in the years of 2-4 if the students can meet the academic requirements.

GTIIT offers more scholarships, please visit for detailed information.



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