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GTIIT 2023 Freshmen's Preparatory Semester



While most of the peers are enjoying the summer holiday, new GTers of 2023 cohort have started their university life in the preparatory semester.

A strong foundation in English and STEM makes the basis robust. From early August to late September, GTIIT offers an English-teaching preparatory session including English, math, physics and chemistry. This approach which integrates language and STEM content review can support students to adapt to GTIIT's instruction mode and ensure the success of immersed education.



“Hurry up! Let’s go for the first row in the classroom!” Students arrived 30 minutes before the course started, to ask questions to the teachers and discuss with their classmates before the class. Many of them choose the front seats for more opportunities to interact with the tutors.



“Professor, I think there is a mistake in your demonstration,” one student interrupted the teaching and asked directly. “Professor, is there another way to solve the problem?” students surrounded the professors with their ideas even the teaching has finished for a while.

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The characteristics of “problem-driven” teaching philosophy is in every course of GTIIT, the innovation-driven university of science and technology. Each tutor and lecturer make every effort to cultivate students’ independent thinking, starting by guiding them to ask questions, especially good questions.



This is only the second week since the young students came to GTIIT’s campus, but they have already become "Chutzpah" as GTIIT students, to express their ideas and raise questions confidently. Many of them quickly adapted to the English-teaching mode and are positive to their future life. English course are high acknowledged by the freshmen students, since the teaching has enabled them to feel the beauty of the language and better adjust their studying in an international environment.

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Yang Shuyu, Hu Liekai and Yu Langqing, three freshmen students from GTIIT Chemical Engineering Program considered Physics as their favorite course. They emphasized that the vivid demonstration and interesting explanation helped them acquire knowledge smoothly.

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Chen Jiaxin from Mechanical Engineering Program considered the preparatory semester as a challenge and a chance to expand his horizons. “The rich content and international teaching brought me new experience and more thinking ways,” he said.

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“The full and abundant preparatory courses, all taught in English, did pose a challenge to me, a students from traditional learning mode,” said Wu Xiaoyuan from Mathematics with Computer Science Program. He had prepared himself with various adjustment to the new environment. Wu decided to embrace the new challenge and improve his ability by change the thinking mode and consulting with the professor as much as he can.


"Learning Strategies" Delivered by Dr. Chen Fen

In addition to STEM and English courses, GTIIT continued to provide the course "Learning Strategies", which aims to help GTers settle their own pace of learning, manage their time and upgrade their learning abilities to handle abstract concepts and practical applications.


Based on the latest theories and practices of educational psychology and learning psychology, the course focuses on learning mindset, goals setting, time management, etc., guiding students to build a solid knowledge system via the cycle of "prestudy-class-review-assignment-exam".


Acquiring knowledge lies in hard work. An increasing number of young people have chosen GTIIT, an international campus with strong academic atmosphere, to grow into pioneering scientists and researchers with innovation power, global vision and humanities.


Text: GTIIT News & Public Affairs, Freshmen Students

Photos: GTIIT News & Public Affairs, Li Leqi


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