GTIIT's scholarship policy for 2019 has been officially announced


GTIIT's scholarship policy for 2019 has been officially announced! At least 30% of the 2019 freshmen of GTIIT are eligible for the Chancellor's Scholarship, with the highest first-class scholarship amounting to 100,000 yuan per year.

Chancellor's Scholarship

The Chancellor's Scholarship aims to reward students with excellent GAOKAO performance and who will maintain good academic performance in the following academic years.


At least 30% of the new students will be awarded Chancellor's Scholarship.

Classes, Values and Criteria


First-class Scholarship, 100,000RMB/year will be awarded to each of the top 5% admitted students. 

Second-class Scholarship, 50,000RMB/year will be awarded to each of the top 6%-15% admitted students.  

Third-class scholarship, 25,000RMB/year, will be awarded to each of the top 16%-30% admitted students.


Selection of the scholarship winners will be up to the GAOKAO score, GAOKAO score ranking and number of examinees in specific provinces or cities.


Since 2019, new students with GAOKAO score ranking top 5,000 in Guangdong province or top 2% in other provinces, top 10,000 in Guangdong province or top 3% in other provinces, and top 15,000 in Guangdong province or top 5% in other provinces will be guaranteed first-, second- and third-class scholarships, respectively.


To continue receiving the scholarship, student should meet specific conditions on academic performance. 


Final decisions are subject to the GTIIT Scholarship Committee. 

Text/Photos by GTIIT News & Public Affairs, Admissions Office




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