Mechanical and Electrical Engineer (CC-2019001)


Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Job Post – Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Position Title: Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Reporting to: Director of Construction and Physical Development

Start Date: ASAP

Position Type: Full time

Number of Hiring: 1

Post Number: CC-2019001

Position Description                                                                      

The incumbent will be responsible for school projects related to electro-mechanism, including design, budget planning, on-site supervision and management, follow-up work, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities                                                                    

· Responsible for the compilation or review of technical solutions related to electro-mechanism (electricity, HVAC, water supply and drainage) for school projects.

· In charge of the follow-up work of school electro-mechanical project per corresponding schedule.

· Responsible for school electro-mechanical technical guidance and issue solutions.

· Responsible for on-site planning, management and cost control, etc.

· Responsible for the design and material budget planning of construction projects; supervise project process, and conduct project final acceptance, etc.

Required Job Specifications                                                                

· Required qualification: graduated from majors related to electrical engineering, HVAC, water supply and drainage, etc. Familiar with electricity, air conditioning, fire protection, water supply and drainage, and some understanding of relevant regulations.

· Required experience: 5-year+ experience in construction management of air conditioning, electricity, water supply and drainage, mechanical & electrical knowledge.

· Bachelor degree and/or experience of water supply design and management in higher education institutions is preferred.

Required Job Competencies                                                                

· Language ability: CET-4 or above is preferred;

· Able to manage projects independently;

· Strong ability in mechanical & electrical equipment maintenance, repair and problem solving;

· Familiar with design, installation, maintenance of elevators, central air conditioners, power supply and distribution, water supply and drainage equipment, and relevant laws and regulations;

· Good at AutoCAD and other related drawing software;

· Proven ability in planning and execution. Good communication skills. Has professional ethics and passion about work.

Application Information                                                                   

Please send your cover letter, Chinese and English CVs to hr@gtiit.edu.cn in the format of name + position. Only qualified candidates will be contacted.





Address: 241 Daxue Road, Jinping District, Shantou, Guangdong Province, China