Administrative Coordinator (AIS-2019018)


GTIIT Affiliated International School

Job Post – Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Coordinator reports to the Director who is his/her Supervisor. He/she coordinates and organizes administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of AIS. He/she is the direct link between the Director, all personnel, and families.



• Bachelor's degree or above.

• Minimum 3 year of experience with related secretarial and administrative work.

• Excellent interpersonal communication skills.

• English/Mandarin bilingual proficiency.

• Excellent interpretation and translation skills between English and Chinese.

• Professional verbal and written communication skills.

• Experience in a Western workplace preferred.

• Comfort with technology including Mac OS, Microsoft Office, Excel and databases.

• Trustworthy with confidential information.

• Efficient organizational skills.

• Ability to efficiently multi-task; attention to details.

• Willingness to be part of a Professional Learning Community.


Responsibilities Include:

1. Communication:

• Coordinate and facilitate communications between Director and English/Chinese staff including translation if needed. Support the Director in communications with parents.

• Assist in ensuring AIS has a strategic communication framework and consistent approach for marketing and communicating to schools, community, the media, and general public.

• Manage the Director’s communications within the local community, the larger international school world, to advance the interests of the school and its students.

2. Admissions & Registrar:

• Coordinate with developing and ensuring that admissions and recruitment procedures are followed in line with the admissions policy and regulations.

• Implement established procedures in processing students’ applications for admissions, and organize/maintain applicants’ /students’ files, including new,

withdrawn and enrolled students.

• Maintain cumulative files of each student.

3. Office Operation:

• Facilitate with facility renovation if necessary.

• Ensure office supply and equipment are adequate.

• Ensure the condition of the school office and campus are properly maintained and arrange for necessary repairs.

• Ensure office expenditure are properly recorded and the expenditure is within budget.

• Ensure both AIS and relevant GTIIT administrative policies and regulations are properly observed.

• Maintain Director and School master calendars, book and manage school appointments and events.

4. Human Resources:

• Assist the Director in HR tasks including recruiting, orientation, training, work assignments, and managing performance etc.

• Facilitate with overseas staff's application procedures for legal documentation, including work permit, foreign expert certificate, and residence permits etc.

• Maintains human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system; keeping past and current records; maintains all necessary records to protect

against legal risks.

• Maintain current knowledge about government laws and regulations of employment and ensure the Director is updated with any change in policy.

• Ensuring all AIS policies and procedures are up to data and in line with current employment law.

5. Perform other duties designated by the Director and his/her assignee.



Please forward your application to the below email: hr@gtiit-bilingual.org





Address: 241 Daxue Road, Jinping District, Shantou, Guangdong Province, China