Teaching Assistant (AIS-2019019)


GTIIT Affiliated International School

Job Post – Teaching Assistant

The Teaching Assistant (TA) supports the work of teachers inside and outside of the classroom with tasks and responsibilities that promote student learning (academic, social-emotional, and physical, behavioral). The TA is a paraprofessional and shall be hired primarily to work directly with students, and secondarily to conduct clerical tasks. During the school’s start-up phase, TAs will be directed by classroom teachers, and evaluated by the Director through cumulative feedback from the classroom teachers as well as direct observations of performance. The TA will need to have the flexibility to work with students from 3-years-old to grade 7.



· Bachelor's degree or above in education or related field.

· Minimum 1 year of experience of related work.

· Excellent interpersonal communication skills.

· English/Mandarin bilingual proficiency.

· Excellent interpretation and translation skills between English and Chinese.

· Professional verbal and written communication skills.

· Comfort with technology including Mac OS, Microsoft Office, Excel and databases.

· Experience working in an international school setting preferred.

· Willingness to be part of a Professional Learning Community.


Responsibilities Include:

· Assist teachers with planning and preparation of lessons, projects and experiments.

· Assist teachers in leveraging Chinese language and culture with families and in the classroom, including but not limited to, translation.

· Assist teachers in facilitating classroom activities such as small group instruction, station work, and cooperative learning experiences.

· Maintain routines and use positive and collaborative approaches to student behavior management, effectively approaching student misbehaviors as learning opportunities and following the school behavior policy.

· Assist with student interventions (academic, social-emotional, behavioral) as directed by lead teacher.

· Ensure approach with students reflects and supports multiple forms of diversity and is responsive to a diverse learning community.

· Assist with student assessments and recording of assessment data.

· Follow direction from teachers while being proactive in TA role.

· Attend all assigned meetings and professional development sessions.

· Assist during school functions.

· Plan and teach after school classes, maintaining responsibility for student success through adequate behavior management and high expectations.

· Monitor and assist students on playgrounds, lunches, and other assigned duty times.

· Maintain open and proactive communication with other school staff.

· Assist in arranging field trips and special events that enhance the curricular program.

· Support the development of strong, positive relationships with GTIIT through collaboration with other departments and personnel as needed.

· Act as an emergency substitute teacher.

· Maintain classroom supplies and replenish as needed.

· Perform other duties as required by the teachers or Director.



Please forward your application to the below email: hr@gtiit-bilingual.org; wwang@gtiit-bilingual.org





Address: 241 Daxue Road, Jinping District, Shantou, Guangdong Province, China