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On-site Construction Engineer (CC-2020024)


Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Job Post – On-site Construction Engineer

Position Title: On-site Construction Engineer

Department: Campus Construction Department

Report to: Department Director

Start Date: ASAP

Type of Position: Full-time

Number of Hiring: 2

Post Number: CC-2020024  


Position Description                                                                      

We are looking for an experienced On-site Construction Engineer to join our team. The incumbent will be mainly responsible for supervising construction sites, reviewing drawings, providing solutions and participating in project acceptance. 


Duties and Responsibilities                                                                    

·       Strictly abide by and implement the construction laws and regulations and the GTIIT engineering management regulations and systems.

·       Responsible for compiling the implementation rules of supervision in this specialty, and participate in compiling supervision report.

·       Responsible for the original certificates, inspection reports and other quality certificates of materials, equipment and components as well as their quality situation.

·       Examine the design drawings and propose solutions to major problems existing in the drawings; organize internal functional personnel, design units and construction units to negotiate and solve various professional and technical problems encountered in the project.

·       Examine the construction organization design, supervise and coordinate the construction progress and plan of the construction unit, and inspect the execution and implementation of the tasks included in the contract.

·       Responsible for on-site progress, quality issues and safety management.

·       Responsible for design changes and confirmation, and cooperate with budget personnel to complete the audit of construction progress and project settlement.

·       Organize and participate in the completion and acceptance of the project.

·       Responsible for the audit of completion data, maintenance management during the warranty period and cooperation with property companies after the project completion acceptance.

·       Undertake other tasks and responsibilities as may reasonably be required.


Required Job Specifications                                                                

·       Required qualification/academic degree: major in structure, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, HVAC, water supply and drainage, bachelor's degree or above;

·       Required experience: more than three years' working experience, and professional management experience in civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, water supply and drainage of university campus, hospitals or school buildings.


Required Job Competencies                                                                

·       Ability to review design drawings, to make timely amendment proposals and propose reasonable modification plans;

·       Be proficient in using CAD software and office software, familiar with professional construction management and construction specifications and requirements, master project planning, architectural design, construction, acceptance specifications and other basic construction procedures;

·       Good communication, coordination ability, good professional ethics, good consciousness for quality, progress, safety and cost control, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit;

·       CET-4 or above, able to discuss professional issues verbally is preferred;

·       Strong planning and execution skills, strong communication skills, strong professional ethics, work enthusiasm and initiative.


Application Information                                                                   

Please send your cover letter, English and Chinese CVs to in the format of name + position. Only qualified candidates will be contacted.



Tel: 86-0754-88077088、88077060

Address: 241 Daxue Road, Jinping District, Shantou, Guangdong Province, China

Postal Code:515063