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Physical Education Coordinator (US-2017040)


Job Post – Physical Education Coordinator

Position Title: Physical Education (PE) Coordinator

Department: Office of Undergraduate Studies

Report to: Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Start Date: September 3, 2018

Type of Position: Full time

Number of Hiring: 1

Post Number: US-2017040

Position Description                                                                      

The PE coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the university athletics programs, academic physical education and fitness classes, and other sports and fitness related events; recruiting coaches/instructors, scheduling, budget preparation, promotion, risk assessment and athletic facility management. Monitor and enforce campus compliance with MOE requirements. S/he acts as liaisons between students, faculty, administrative staff, vendors, sponsors and community members to facilitate the success of those programs, and improve student experience.

S/he may be appointed as a Teaching Fellow or as a Senior Teaching Fellow commensurate with the candidate’s academic experiences and qualifications.

Duties and Responsibilities                                                                     

· Design, plan, teach, and evaluate required and optional physical education courses and classes in consultation with Shantou University Athletics department on meeting requirements specified by the Chinese Ministry of Education for the GTIIT undergraduate degree.

· Provide guidance and direction for competitive and recreational sports programs at GTIIT and oversee the strategic developmental plans for the teams.

· Recruit full-time and/or part-time coaches/instructors and manage various athletic and recreational sports teams.

· Organize campus-wide as well as off-campus sports activities and similar types of events.

· Manage the athletic budget and regularly monitors expenditures, such as team travel expenses, equipment and uniform acquisitions, maintenance and up-keep of both equipment and all sports facilities, both in-door as well as outdoor.

· Encourage and engage students in sports and wellness events to improve their health, enhance their professional expertise, and develop their leadership skills.

· Establish acquisition and replacement program for sports equipment.

· Develop additional elective sports activities, totaling 15 or more sports for students to meet graduation requirements for the Chinese diploma. Such sports/activities may include basketball, sailing, running/jogging, dragon boat competition, table tennis, badminton, various fitness classes, softball/baseball, yoga, swimming, volleyball, fencing, archery, Tai-chi, and boxing.

· Perform other related duties as assigned.

Required Job Specifications                                                                 

· Required qualification: Bachelor or Master's degree in a relevant field, education, physical education, athletic administration

· Required experience: 5 years of experience working directly with college students or 5 years of experience in developing, managing, teaching and supervising high school and/or college sports programs

Required Job Competencies                                                                

· Language ability: effective verbal and written communication skills in English and Chinese

· Knowledge of legal liability for injuries and related public relations issues

· Intercultural competency achieved and demonstrated by having lived, worked, or studied in an international, cross-cultural setting

· Excellent interpersonal skills, with a desire to work in a team-oriented, dynamic, fast-paced, diverse environment.

· Excellent organization and planning skills

· Commitment to supporting an innovative and intercultural learning community

Preference will be given to candidates with                                                                 

· Doctorate degree in a relevant field, education, physical education, kinesiology, sports management or athletic administration

· >5-10 years of experience working directly with college students or >5-10 years of experience in developing, managing, teaching and supervising high school and/or college sports programs

· Knowledge of both the Chinese and western higher education systems.

· Ability to work with the Student Affairs to evaluate and improve sports programs and student learning

Application Information                                                                   

Please send your English and Chinese CVs to in the format of name + position. Only qualified candidates will be contacted.



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