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Zuoti Xie

Assistant Professor

Dr. Zuoti Xie received Ph.D. from Fudan University in China, studying the charge transfer at the molecule/metal interfaces of organic light-emitting devices. From 2009 to 2011, he joined Dr. Ron Naaman’s group at Weizmann Institute of Science, where he studied the electronic structure of the semiconductor quantum dot assemblies on metallic substrates and the spin selective transport through DNA. Before joining GTIIT in 2020, he has been working with Dr. C. Daniel Frisbie at the University of Minnesota, studying the structure related charge transport mechanism of the Metal-Molecule-Metal junction. His research outcomes have been published in several top journals: Journal of the American Chemical Society, ACS Nano, Nano Letters, Chemical Sciences, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, et. al.

At GTIIT, Dr. Xie’s group centers their work on molecular electronics, particularly on the impact of the molecular structures, the nature of the electrode-molecule contacts and external conditions on the charge transport properties and the electronic structures of molecular junctions. The goal of their research is to provide insights on molecular device physics to achieve device optimization and obtain desired electrical behaviors.



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