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BSc. in Mathematics with Computer Science

The goal of the program Mathematics with Computer Science is to provide the students with: (1) a broad, deep and rigorous education in Mathematics, (2) a very good level of computer science education by offering the students most of the compulsory courses in a strong Computer science program, (3) several courses in Physics and in Chemistry or Biology, (4) courses in general education and English. The students will be awarded a bachelor’s degree from the Technion in Mathematics with Computer science and a Chinese degree in Mathematics and Applied mathematics.


The program is particularly successful with students who want to be involved with scientific programming or the development of algorithms which involve mathematical thinking. The program is to train the intelligent students to be capable of doing research or pursuing career in mathematics. It can also contribute to the entrance of the career related computer science. Our experience shows clearly that students graduating from the proposed program can very easily study additional materials in computer science. We are confident that the students who study this program could be a leading figure in the related fields especially in the computer science.


The four-year program consists of a large number of deep and rigorous courses in Math which cover the main areas of mathematics as Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Topology, combinatorics and number theory and the main courses in a strong computer science program as courses in data structures, operating systems, programing and computer organization together with more advanced courses. In addition to these the program offers a relatively small number of complementary courses in physics, chemistry and biology.


Please visit Curriculum for details.


Academic Team

All academic staff are seconded by Technion or recruited worldwide according to the criteria of Technion. We have about 100 academic staff from Israel, United States, Argentina, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Denmark, India, Canada, Spain, etc. The ratio of students to academics is about 10:1.  Please visit our directory of academic team for details.


Career Development

The following jobs are most suitable for the program graduates: scientific software developer (topics as signal processing, data science, telecommunications, networking), research scientist (math and computer science), actuarial analyst, data analyst, investment analyst, secondary school teacher, statistician.


Students who have completed the proposed degree will be competent to apply to any graduate program in Mathematics or Computer Science. For instance, in order to apply to the graduate programs at the Technion (Math or CS) excellent students will not be required to complete additional undergraduate courses.


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