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Moris S. Eisen


Prof. Eisen received his PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem under the supervision of the late Prof. Jochanan Blum. In 1990 as a Weizmann Postdoctoral Fellow, he joined Prof. Tobin J. Marks' group at Northwestern University. In 1993 he was awarded the State of Israel Alon Fellowship and joined the Department of Chemistry at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technolog (in 2007, changes its name to the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry). Since 2003 he has been a full Professor incumbent of the Samuel O. Friedlander Academic Chair in Chemistry.


Prof. Eisen is the Head of the Institute of Catalysis Science and Technology at the Technion – Israel Institute of technology. He is member of the Israel Chemical Society and the American Chemical Society. Since the year 2000, he has been invited to give courses in Germany, USA, Mexico, India and China. He served for seven years as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry for Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching Affairs. He served as a member of the Advisory Board for the National Journal "The Chemist in Israel", a member of the International Advisory Board for the Journal "Main Group Metal Chemistry" and a member of the International Advisory Board for the Journal "Reviews in Inorganic Chemistry". He is a member of the Water Institute at the Technion. He served as a member of the National Committee for Chemistry at the Ministry of Education, and served as a member of the Advisory Committee for the Samuel Neeman Institute for Advanced Studies at the Technion.


His research interests include the organometallic chemistry of the actinide and group-4 metals and their use in catalytic processes, the use of hydrophobic-hydrophilic membranes for the treatment of polluted waters (a start-up company is based on his patent – Memtech), and the design of trapping polymers to clean the dialysis solution from a Weareable Artifitial Kidney (WAK).  He has authored over 400 publications, including journal, patents, conference papers, and book chapters. Prof. Eisen has mentored over 50 students (Masters, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate).



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