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Antti Rasila

Associate Professor

Antti Rasila obtained his PhD degree in mathematics in 2005 from the University of Helsinki, from where he also holds M.Sc. degree in mathematics. Before joining GTIIT, he worked from 2006 to 2018 at Aalto University, Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland. His fields of interest include complex analysis (in particular conformal invariants, harmonic mappings and quasiconformal mappings), elliptic partial differential equations, computer-aided mathematics, and in e-learning in mathematics education. He is also interested in applications of mathematics, computers and programming.


Dr. Rasila is an author 67 peer-reviewed publications, two Finnish language textbooks and electronic study materials. He is a docent at University of Vaasa (Finland), and Guest Professor at Hengyang Normal University (China).  From the beginning of 2015 Dr. Rasila has acted as the coordinator of the international e-assessment material bank Abacus ( He is a member of the board of the Finnish Mathematical Society.



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