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Aleksandra Baron-Wiechec

Assistant Professor

Aleksandra Baron-Wiechec received her PhD from the Silesian University of Technology in Poland. In 2007 she was awarded with a prestigious Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship and moved to University of Manchester (UK) to conduct her research in the EU-funded project on tailoring porous nanometric oxides on light alloys in close collaboration between Manchester and the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris (France). In 2012 she took up a role at the UK Atomic Energy Authority working at the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor JET (Joint European Torus) as a materials/surface scientist. Combined comprehensive hands-on experience in studying surface of materials, transferable skills and scientific passion gave her an important confidence and she has joint GTIIT in autumn 2018, where she currently holds the position of an Assistant Professor.

Her research centers around functionalization of metals surface, electrochemistry, corrosion and nuclear fusion technology. Her work made contributions to the understanding of nucleation and growth mechanism of nanometric porous oxides on aluminium using combination of high-resolution microscopy and Ion Beam Analysis of tracers implanted in the oxide films, and to the characterization of hydrogen isotopes retention in plasma-facing components of nuclear fusion reactor.

Dr. Baron-Wiechec has published her research outcomes in over 70 peer review papers and conference proceedings, she was invited to present her research at several conferences and Universities in the USA, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom, Croatia, France and Poland.



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