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BSc. in Biotechnology and Food Engineering

The Program of Biotechnology and Food Engineering (BFE) is one of few in the world that combines a unique merging between engineering-technology research and fields in life sciences.

The BFE degree trains engineers in two areas: biotechnology and food. The program provides a unique combination between engineering and technological fields and areas of natural and life sciences, in particular, biotechnology. Working with biological materials is common to both fields, and provides a basis for core courses in engineering and technology.


The four-year program consists of a basket of core courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computers, which together with advanced engineering courses, provides the background for integrating engineering studies into advanced subjects of life sciences and biotechnology. The remainder of the program is based on three areas: biotechnology; engineering and technology for food engineering; and life and food sciences. A key portion of studies takes place in hands-on laboratories and in a Pilot Plant with semi-industrial equipment and bioreactors and packaging facilities and includes visits to companies. Please visit Curriculum for details.

Academic Team

All academic staff are seconded by Technion or recruited worldwide according to the criteria of Technion. We have about 100 academic staff from Israel, United States, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Denmark, India, Canada, Spain, etc. The ratio of students to academics is about 10:1.  Please visit our directory of academic team for details.

Career Development

The program is designed to prepare graduates for work in different fields of biotechnology or food engineering – in diverse industries that incorporate high-technology and are based on biotechnological and biochemical processes. Graduates can be employed, among other fields, in the food industry or areas such as pharmaceuticals; cosmetics; environmental protection; standards institutes, and food and drug regulation.

The program also prepares students for exiting academic life and research. Research activities in the BFE Department cover a range of state-of-the-art topics, including the following: biotechnology, microbiology and molecular biology, food engineering and technology, tissue engineering, biochemistry and nutrition, genetics, animal and plant science, packaging, enzymology, encapsulation, biopolymers, protein engineering and computational biology.

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